Altinn Platform - Authorization

Authorization is used by the applications to authorize an action requested by the logged in user on a given resource and to retreive policy information.

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This page is a work-in-progress. Currently we haven't defined all the resources and operations for the authorization component.

The Authorization component exposes a REST-API to Altinn Apps. Use the authorization API to manage authorizations in altinn platform.

Resources: Actor, Roles


A party is a person whom you can represent and perform a request on his behalf. A logged in user can retrieve a list of parties that he/she can represent.


Get a list of parties that the user can represent. The userid is sent as parameter.

GET /authorization/api/v1/parties?userid={userid}

Validate that a given user is allowed to represent a given party. The partyid and userid are sent as parameters.

GET /authorization/api/v1/parties/{partyId}/validate?userid={userid}


A role in altinn offers or denies right to the logged in user to perform an action or group of actions for him or on behalf of someone.


Get a list of roles that the user can perform for the selected party.

GET /authorization/api/v1/roles


A set of polices contains authorization rules.


Stores / updates rules for a given app, defined in the query string. The rules are sent in the body of the request. Reade more about the policy format.

POST /authorization/api/v1/policies?org=org&app=app