This document describes how one can start working on a test cafe project from installtion of plugins, cloning the project to run tests and pipeline information.

Clone project in Visual Studio Code

  1. Create account in github.com
  2. Get write access to AltinnStudio - https://github.com/Altinn/altinn-studio
  3. Use windows 10 image with docker.
  4. Create a folder - C:\Repos
  5. Open Visual Studio Code
  6. Ctrl + Shift + P -> Create New Integrated Terminal
  7. Terminal opens down of Visual Studio Code.
  8. Navigate to the folder create in step 4 using “cd”
  9. Clone the project- git clone https://github.com/Altinn/altinn-studio.git
  10. File -> Add Folder to Workspace -> Select the cloned project: C:\Altinn Studio
  11. Checkout branch: master

Code for Testcafe tests in altinn.studio

Install Tools

    1.	Open PowerShell -> Verify Node and Npm version
            npm -v (6.9.0)
            node -v (9.5.0)
    2.	Install npm
            a. npm install -g npm
    3.	Install npm in the Altinn Studio project
            a.	Navigate to the folder - C:\Altinn Studio\altinn-studio\src\test\Testcafe
            b.	Run command – npm install
    4.	Ensure that the environment variables has the path of npm
            a.	C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\npm
    5.  Navigate to the folder of the testcafe tests in command line (altinn-studio\src\test\Testcafe)
            a. Run command - npm install testcafe

Run a Test Locally from PowerShell

  1. Open testRunner.js in Visual Studio Code
  2. Set the browser as: Chrome
  3. Speed controls the speed of the execution
  4. Open a test fixture .js file (e.x., designer_tests -> navigation-tests.js)
  5. ‘.only’ can be used to run a specific fixture or a test case
  6. Save the project
  7. Open PowerShell and navigate to C:\Altinn Studio\altinn-studio\src\test\Testcafe
  8. Set password for the test users of Studio usin: set variable_name_of_password="password” (the password should be in double quotes)
  9. Run the command – ‘node .\testRunner.js –env=dev’ to run general tests
  10. Run the command - ‘node .\WCAGRunner.js –env=dev’ to run wcag tests


  1. Create a new branch with addition or changing of a new test from master.
  2. Do necessary changes and commit the same to the new branch.
  3. Create a new pull request from Github with the commits created.
  4. Once PR is approved, merge the branch to master and delete the branch.

Test cafe pipeline in Azure Devops

Azure Devops Pipeline