Test Coverage

Automation testcases by area

Testcafe tests

Sl.No. Testcase name Area of Solution
1. Login to altinn studio Login
2. Cannot create new app, as app name already exists Dashboard
3. Happy case; deploy an app to a test environment after a change Deploy to test
4. App cannot deploy due to compilation error Deploy to test
5. App cannot be deployed due to uncomitted local changes Deploy to test
6. User does not have write access to app, and cannot deploy Deploy to test
7. Navigating using the “about” tab UI-editor
8. Navigating using the “create” tab UI-editor
9. Navigating using the “Language” tab UI-editor
10. Navigating using the “Deploy” tab UI-editor
11. Drag and drop of components UI-editor
12. Add one of each component to the designer using keyboard UI-editor
13. Sync an app with master UI-editor
14. “About” page items, and editing of app data UI-editor
15. Clone modal functionality Deploy
16. Validation of missing datamodel in clone modal Deploy
17. Fill out Access control information on an app Designer
18. Configure and delete rules UI-editor
19. Links in App Logic menu UI-editor
20. Add and delete conditional rendering connections UI-editor
21. Error messages when app does not exist Dashboard
22. Open Gitea repository navigation UI-editor
23. User cannot clone an app that does not have a data model UI-editor
24. Delete local app changes UI-editor

k6 API tests


Sl.No. Testcase name Area of Solution
1. Create instance by looking up party id for user and org Register
2. Get Authentication ticket Authentication
3. Get Parties Authorization
4. Get Roles Authorization
5. PDP decision - permit for user and NA for app owner Authorization
6. GET applications by org and app name Storage
7. Create, get with filter and id, edit and delete app instances Storage
8. Create, get by id, edit and delete app instance form data Storage
9. Create, get events with filter app instance events Storage
10. Edit instance process and get process history Storage
11. Soft and Hard delete app instances Storage
12. Restore soft deleted app instance Storage
13. Restore hard deleted app instance - negative Storage
14. Get instances, by id and instance events Storage-SBL
15. Soft/hard delete and restore instances Storage-SBL
16. POST Generate PDF PDF
17. Get receipt and includes party info Receipt
18. Get app texts Storage
19. Upload, get by id, edit and delete attachment Storage
20. Get events by party Events


Sl.No. Testcase name Area of Solution
1. Create, Get app instance App
2. Start, get current, get next, change next, complete Process App
3. Get process history App
4. Add, Get, Edit Form data xml App
5. Add, Get, Edit, delete Form data attachment App
6. Create app instance with multipart data App
7. Verify instance created with multipart App
8. End to End test from starting an instance to Archiving it App
9. Test simulating all the api calls from portal App
10. Validate instance and instance data App
11. Verify pdf generation with archiving App

Negative Tests

Sl.No. Testcase name Area of Solution
1. Access Storage API without authentication token Storage
2. Access App API without authentication token App
3. Create App instance with low level security login than required App & Storage
4. Create App instance without allowed roles App & Storage
5. Access App instance without allowed roles App & Storage
6. Access App instance with low level security login than required Storage
7. Write to instance without write access as app owner App
8. GET Organization - forbidden Platform-Register
9. GET Parties - forbidden Platform-Register
10. GET Person information - forbidden Platform-Register
11. GET User profile details - forbidden Platform-Profile
12. Create, edit and delete applications - forbidden Storage
13. Create, edit and delete app texts - forbidden Storage
14. Delete a form data xml - negative App
15. Start process again - negative App
16. Move process to active task again - negative App
17. Complete a compelted process - negative App
18. Create events - forbidden Platform-Events
19. Get events for an app as end user - forbidden Platform-Events

App Owner API Test

Sl.No. Testcase name Area of Solution
1. GET instances as app Owner Storage
2. Download instance data as app Owner Storage
3. Confirm the download of instance data Storage
4. Create instance and upload data and delete instance Storage
5. E2E test - create, upload data , archive and complete instance App
6. Get events by party and app name Platform-Events