The latest generation Altinn platform consist of serveral solutions.

  • Altinn Studio

    Altinn Studio is the design-time solution for developing, maintaining, building and deploying applications. Applications created can target both simple and complex user scenarios and have a modern web native architecture.

  • Altinn Platform

    Altinn Platform contains components with central functionality that can be used by apps. Currently, this is storage, authentication, authorization, profile, register, receipt, and pdf.

  • Altinn Apps

    Altinn Apps is a flexible, scalable and isolated hosting solution where apps created in Altinn Studio is deployed. The applications has a web native architecture and is deployed to Kubernetes Clusters as docker containers.

  • Altinn CLI

    ALtinn CLI is a command line application that can be used by service owneres to access Altinn Api's. The application has as standard implemented functions for creating Altinn Applications and insatnces, functions for fetch and store application data. ALtinn CLI can be found on the GIT repo The application can be used as standrad or extended with custom function devloped by the service owners themselves.