Altinn Studio

Altinn Studio is the design-time solution for developing, maintaining, building and deploying applications. Applications created can target both simple and complex user scenarios and have a modern web native architecture.

Altinn Studio is a user-friendly solution where non-technical and technical developers can create apps based on reuse and configuration of existing building blocks.

Examples on building blocks can be layouts, themes, web-components, texts, API-calls, code lists, and process tasks.

Altinn Studio consist of serveral parts.

  • Designer

    The designer part of Altinn Studio is where developers create, modify, build and manage deployment of applications. In the background it uses GIT to store code and config for applications in Altinn Studio Repos.

  • Altinn Studio Repos

    The Git repository solution for storing and versioning apps developed with Altinn Studio.

  • Third Party Tools

    One important aspect of the Altinn Studio is that we encourage to use third party development tools to create and modify applications.