Description of the most common terms used in the documentation for Altinn Studio.


A actor is organisation or person that a user/system is acting on behalf of. As an example User A can fill out a form on behalf of Organisation B.

deprecated term: Reportee

Actor List

The Actor list is a list over person and organisation that a user can act on behalf of. This right is given through roles or rights delegations.

deprecated term: ReporteeList

Actor Type

The type a Actor can be. Typical a person or organisation but also sub types of organisations.

deprecated term: Reportee Type

Actor Type Requirement

The requirent a app has for the Actor. Typical checked when a app is instantiated

deprecated term: Reportee Type Requirement


Norways E-Governement plattform. Launched december 4. 2003. Read more on Altinn.no

Altinn Apps

Altinn Apps is the solution where the developed apps is deployed. It consist of isolated organisation Kubernetes clusters and supporting functionality and infrastructure. See Altinn Apps application architecture or deployment architecture.

Altinn Platform

Altinn Platform consist of supporting components to Altinn Apps. Example services are Authorization, Authentication, Profile, Register, Storage, Intermediary. The platform is based on microservices architecture and is highly scalable.

See Altinn Platform solution architecture, application architecture and [deployment architecture]

Altinn Studio

The web based development tool for creating end user application. Lets the application developer create apps that are deployed like a seperate application environment called Altinn Apps.

Altinn Apps environment

A Altinn Apps environment is a isolated setup of an Altinn Studio Apps solution. There will be 3 environments created in 2019 for Tjenester 3.0 project. AT: Testing of the platform, TT: Testing of apps created for the platform, Production: The production environment.

Altinn Studio Repos

Altinn Studio Repos is the Git source control solution for Altinn Studio. All apps developed in Altinn Studio is stored i repos.


Application Programmers Interface.


Short for Application. App is the name that is given for an app. It is used as repository name and as part of AppId and in different metadata. Inside an org the app needs to be a unique name. See also Application.

Deprecated terms: AppName Service


A AppId identifies a given application. It is has the following pattern [org]/[app].


An end user application created in Altinn Studio is called an app, short for application. The app is deployed to a Altinn Studio Apps environment. The app provides two things:

  • an interactive user interface for users wishing to submit data to an organisation, e.g. to fill out a form manually, to read information or to sign an agreement;
  • an api that client applications can interact with.

The application also has a metadata representation in the application repository (platform storage), which defines the various element types that an instance of an application can have.

deprecated term: Service


Short for Altinn Apps. See Altinn Apps

Application Developer

A user developing application in Altinn Studio.


Short for organisation. Organisation is the entity responsible for an app. Typically identified by an unique acronym, e.g. SKD, NAV, OSLK.

Deprecated terms: Application Owner Service Owner


A representation of a data element which is stored in the Altinn Platform.

deprecated term: FormElement?


A record of activites on a specific instance.


An instance of an application for a specific instance owner is represented as an object. Is created by organisation or instance owner. It contains information of the formdata and attachments stored associated with the instance.

deprecated term: ReporteeElement

Instance Owner

The person or entity that is responsible for submitting an instance of an application to an organisation.

deprecated term: Reportee


The user which is logged in in Altinn and performs actions for on behalf of an instance owner. A user and an instance owner can be the same entity.




Kubernetes Service

Kubernetes POD

Kubernetes Deployment

Kubernetes ReplicaSet


Policy Administration Point. See Authorization Architecture


Policy Administration Point. See Authorization Architecture


Policy Administration Point. See Authorization Architecture


Policy Information Point. See Authorization Architecture


Policy Retrieval Point. See Authorization Architecture


The current Altinn end user solution (SluttBrukerLøsning). See Solution Architecture

SBL Bridge

Applicaton that exposes SBL components as REST interface to Altinn Platform components. See Git Issues

Statefull App

A statefull app uses Altinn Platform to store data

Stateless App

A stateless app is a application where no data is store in in the platform. This could be a app acting like a proxy to som external APIS. State could potensial be stored in the external API, so term statless is limited to how the App not use any state in Altinn Platform.



XACML stands for “eXtensible Access Control Markup Language”. The standard defines a declarative fine-grained, attribute-based access control policy language,[2] an architecture, and a processing model describing how to evaluate access requests according to the rules defined in policies.

Altinn Studio Apps uses the XACML standard for defining Policies for apps, the authorization architecture, and the request and response between PEP and PDP.